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Giants of Atlantis

The only true written account of Atlantis that exists by name is from Plato's account of Solon's trip to Egypt sometime between 500-300 BC. There, he learned from the Priests of the temple of Edfu of Egyptian origins and history. Of Zep Tepi - The First Time when the gods of old came from their western realm that sank beneath the waves.
There is a problem with this. For one, this is Plato's account of Solon's Journey. In fact - there is no written history from Solon himself of going there. In fact, much of Solon's life is shrouded in mystery as there is little to no surviving account of his life after leaving Greece.
Any current widely available and credible information regarding Zep Tepi describes it as a primordial retelling of creation from the perspective of the cult worshiping the god of a particular city and how the gods came from the waters and the sun god emerging from this location left a mound in its place. It is possible that Edfu does talk of a western…

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